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Amber Marie

Singer, Vocalist, Songwriter



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Muni Long -Hrs & Hrs (COVER)

Coco Jones - I C U (COVER)

Ciara - And I (COVER)


Amber is a rising R&B artist with a passion for creating feel-good music that resonates with her listeners. Through her music, she aims to connect with people on a deeper level, using her sweet vocals and poetic yet straightforward lyrics to convey her messages. Although she has only been singing for a little over 10 years, Amber has already established herself as a powerful force in the music industry. In recent years, Amber has discovered her love for songwriting, and she plans to continue crafting stories through her songs that can help listeners of all kinds. With her undeniable talent and unwavering dedication, she is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with in the R&B genre.


Whether she's performing live or recording in the studio, Amber's energy and passion for music shine through in every note she sings. With a bright future ahead of her, Amber is poised to become one of the most exciting new voices in R&B music. Auditioning for NBC's the Voice but also singing backup for Fantasia, she plans to keep creating stories through songs that can help my listeners of all kinds in any way possible. 

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