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Connor Holdridge

Guitarist, Composer & Improvisor


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Connor Holdridge

Connor Holdridge

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Connor Holdridge


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As versatile as he is gifted, Connor easily maneuvers the various music scenes of D.C. and Baltimore, to include his involvement in gypsy jazz group Ultrafaux, jazz/Neo-soul band Attic Sessions and his work as a sideman for artists all around the area. 

With a deep love for jazz and a passion for innovation, Connor has established himself as a versatile and sought-after musician. His style is characterized by his impressive technical skill, his ability to seamlessly blend traditional jazz with contemporary influences, and his penchant for experimentation and improvisation. Whether he's performing with a full band or playing solo, Connor's music is always dynamic and engaging.


No stranger to the stage, Connor has had the pleasure of performing around the nation with various notable acts, including shows at The Kennedy Center with Nataly Merezhuk, An Die Musik with Duved Dunayevsky, and Blues Alley with Stephane Wrembel. He has toured as a part of gypsy jazz group Ultrafaux led by guitarist Michael Joseph Harris, to include performances at the Midwest Gypsy Swing Fest, Charm City Django Jazz Fest and an opening show for the National Symphony Orchestra.


A promising young composer, Connor has developed a body of work to be featured as a part of his residency at the Strathmore’s AMP in April of 2023. Reminiscent of gypsy jazz with a contemporary spin, these acoustic pieces written for two guitars, bass and cajon display Connor’s mastery of his instrument, his understanding of harmony and his sensitivity to his surroundings.

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