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With a passion for empowering artists, Mike Bowie is the driving force behind our movement. Armed with years of industry experience and an unwavering commitment to creativity,  The mission is clear: to cultivate a vibrant community where artists can grow, collaborate, and unlock their full potential. With his guidance, we're poised to revolutionize the way artists navigate and succeed in the ever-evolving landscape of the music industry.

About Us

Welcome to DKE, the ultimate artists to fan connection space! Our mission is to empower artists and fans alike by providing a platform where they can connect, engage, and support each other.


By joining our community, FANS gain access to exclusive content and merchandise from their favorite artists, while ARTIST benefit from increased exposure and marketing opportunities to expand their fanbase and achieve their goals. We take care of all the administrative aspects of the artists web space, so they can focus on what 

they do best - creating amazing music and content.


Distrik Kollective began its journey with the iconic Creators Jam at Eaton Hotel in DC. Since then, we've become a driving force in the DMV music scene, spreading our passion for creativity and collaboration to venues and events across the area. As we continue to grow, our future plans continue to be bold and ambitious. We're committed to expanding our reach, connecting with even more talented artists, and creating unparalleled experiences that elevate the local music community. From intimate showcases to electrifying festivals, we're dedicated to providing artists with the platforms and opportunities they need to shine.


Stay tuned, because the journey is just beginning. More events, more collaborations, and more opportunities for artists are on the horizon. Join us as we write the next chapter in the Distrik Kollective story.

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